An Amusing Piece of Fluff. Or is it?
About the Author--Michael Latshaw  

Michael Latshaw grew up in Ohio as the son of celebrated puppeteer George Latshaw. He credits his father’s unusual occupation as a catalyst for his somewhat skewed sense of humor. 

In 2008, Latshaw created the Wizard of Wit website ( to showcase his growing collection of short humorous videos featuring talking cats, dogs, birds and other assorted creatures.

His long-running YouTube series CAT CLIPS is the most popular of his video ventures. It features the ongoing story of a group of cats in the New Jersey suburbs who have many humorous adventures fighting off Angry Birds, Rebel Squirrels, Zombie Dolls...and each other. Michael's videos can be found on YouTube and (YouTube channel: ScoobyHubby)

View Michael's "Phunny Pets and People" videos here

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