As beauty obsessives, we’re willing to try basically anything in the name of appeal, but when the prospect of testing snail scum skin care emerged, we’ll confess to being a little sceptical/confused/downright grossed out. In fact, going over the suggestion of rubbing snail sludge onto our faces at first amassed a definite ‘not a chance’. When we began doing our research nevertheless we discovered ourselves progressively transformed

As it occurs, we really put a lot of unusual active ingredients on our faces anyway– the likes of lanolin (lamb wool oil), ambergris (whale vomit), carmine (insect ranges), and also guanine (fish scales) surface in an unusual amount of day-to-day charm products. Oriental brands just happen to be a bit extra transparent regarding advertising the components as well as singing the praises of their formulations.

When it comes to the response to the burning question ‘is snail scum good for the skin?’– the response, fairly simply, is of course. Here’s the concept: The sludge secreted by snails (known as snail mucin) helps them to heal cuts and safeguard versus microorganisms and UV rays. It’s abundant in healthy proteins, hyaluronic acid, anti-microbials, and copper peptides, which (for human use) help to boost the manufacturing of collagen and elastin, protect from free radicals, relieve swelling, repair harmed cells, as well as enhance hydration– leading to clearer, brighter, smoother skin.

Given that it’s appropriate for virtually every skintype (it’s as valuable for fading acne marks and dark areas as it is smoothing wrinkles), snail mucin is a prominent ingredient in the world of Eastern skin care, where visits to snail medspas are not unusual.

I have this fear of getting old and aging, having wrinkly skin, losing the color of my hair and it turning white, losing my fast metabolism and gaining weight. It may be superficial, for some, especially since it is part of the life cycle. Still, I do my best to retain youthfulness despite gaining age! On this site, I share all the tips I have based on what I have read and I have tried that have worked for me. Join me in discovering, not exactly the fountain of youth, but slowing down aging, the best way we could!

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